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Managing_Diversity © Health and social care workers increasingly have to work in multicultural teams and with an ethnocultural diverse clientele. New ways of communicating and understanding are needed to better manage diversity. An innovative way opens up when diversity is taken as a resource and working ground instead of keeping on a useless fight for conformity.  

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go to site “I have got something to work with. I had some “a-ha” experiences, which I like a lot. I tried it “on my own body”, which makes it impossible to forget.” (participant, Denmark)


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Managing_Paradox ©

watch Balancing conflicting demands, disapointing one partner to meet the other partner’s expectations, being in the awkward position not to please everybody … Such situations are part of our professional and private every-day lives.

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fetish what is figging Aim of the workshop is to learn more about concepts and methods on how to manage paradox situations. On the basis of theoretical inputs, participants develop strategies for creatively dealing with conflicting demands.

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Managing_Evaluation © Evaluation of health promotion initiatives and projects is an important element for evidence based development of health promoting practices. Knowledge about planning, implementing and managing evaluations as well as about appropriate evaluation tools is crucial to meet the challenge of evaluating health promotion projects. Having such knowledge at hand can turn a tiresome obligation into an inspiring learning process both for organisations and individuals.  

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Information und booking: Dr. Sonja Novak-Zezula go to link e-mail: tel: +43 660 1529742


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